Approximately between 1998 and 2008, Computational Grids, federations of geographically distributed heterogeneous hardware, software, databases, and other resources, are emerging in academia, between international research labs and within commercial organizations and were hot research and development topics. Built on the Internet and the World Wide Web, the Grid was considered as base for a new class of infrastructure for 21st century science and business.

The GridMiner project formally started in January 2003 (however, there was a two-year preparatory research period) and has aimed to extend the state-of-art Grid technology to a completely new and societally important category of applications. It developed and thoroughly evaluated the novel concepts of knowledge discovery in databases and other large data sets attached to the Grid. The project has focused its effort on data mining and On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP), two complementary technologies, which, if applied in conjunction, provided a highly efficient and powerful data analysis and knowledge discovery solution on the Grid. These two technologies have been investigated and experimentally implemented within a novel infrastructure called GridMiner, which has been built on top of services developed by other Grid projects.

GridMiner has been used in the educational processes at the University of Vienna, Cracow, in a number of hands-on tutorials addressing knowledge discovery in distributed data sets, and in a number of applications, e.g. management of patients with traumatic brain injuries, non-invasive health parameters analysis, and flood protection that included data stream management and analysis.

Based on the research results and software prototypes produced within the GridMiner project a number of international and national projects have been initiated, e.g. ADMIRE, DIALOGUE, ABA, etc. So far, four PhD Theses, 19 Master Theses and a lot of Bachelor Theses have contributed to the success of the project.

A list of publications and links to the GridMiner follow-up and sister projects are in other Web pages of this site.


Best Conference Paper Awards for:

  • "Fakhri Alam Khan, Ivan Janciak and Peter Brezany. Workflow Enactment Engine Independent Provenance Recording for e-Science Infrastructures. Fourth IEEE International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science RCIS'10, Nice, France, 2010." and
  • "P. Brezany, Y. Zhang, I. Janciak, P. Chen, and S. Ye. An Elastic OLAP Cloud Platform. International Confererence on Cloud and Green Computing (CGC 2011), Sydney, Australia, December 2011."

The first book (P. Brezany is a co-author) on data-intensive research will appear in WILEY in autumn 2012. -> cover pages

P. Brezany is a program co-chair of the following 2012 conferences: a) CGC 2012: The 2nd International Conference on Cloud and Green Computing, November 2012, Xiangtan , Hunan , China; and 2) SKG 2012 : The International Conference on Semantics, Knowledge and Grids, October 2012, Beijing, China


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